JCLP releases policy proposals for accelerated adoption of ZEVs for road freight




178 companies make policy proposals to the Japanese government
for accelerated adoption of ZEVs for road freight



Tokyo, Japan, May 27, 2021 – Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (JCLP), a coalition of 178 businesses with a sense of urgency on climate change, has released policy proposals to accelrate adoption of ZEVs for road freight in Japan.



Automobiles are the third most significant source of CO2 emissions after the ‘’industry’’ sector and ‘’commercial and other’’ sector in Japan. Although there are fewer road freight vehicles in use than passenger cars, they emit about the same amount of CO2, since the utilization rate of road freight vehicles is higher than that of passenger cars. This makes the adoption of ZEVs for road freight critical in achieving Japan’s 2050 carbon neutrality goal and 2030 emissions reduction target.



We, JCLP, are thus making efforts to adopt zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) for in-house and outsourced road freights, and believe that policies are a critical component of the ZEV transition. Measures to improve ZEVs’ cost-competitiveness and practicality are particularly important, and we urge the government to take swift actions on the following points:



1. Set a clear and world-leading numerical target for adoptions of ZEVs for road freight

2. Take regulatory measures to scale up ZEV production.

3. Amend existing regulations and systems with flexibility in order to promote new business models for ZEVs

4. Set targets for installations of renewable energy-based charging and fueling infrastructure



As there is an ongoing review of the automobile and battery section of the Green Growth Strategy, we particuraly stress the proposal 1 and urge that the revised strategy includes a clear and world-leading target for road freight vehicles. Such a target is necessary to prompt coherent policy implementations and send a strong market signal for the ZEV transition.




JCLP’s Proposals on ZEVs

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