Proposals for economic measures to facilitate a “V-shaped Recovery” from the Coronavirus crisis



Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (JCLP) releases a public call for the Government to learn from the experience of the Coronavirus crisis in order to accelerate the transition to zero carbon.


Japan is now making every effort to overcome the Coronavirus crisis. The Coronavirus crisis demonstrates how our behavior today determines the number of people infected in two weeks’ time, and the death toll one month later. It is also evident it takes a period of several months to bring the infection under control.


Climate change is similar in that our actions today result in rises in temperature years and decades later, destroying ecosystems and disrupting socioeconomic stability. The social and economic damage caused by a worsening of climate change is predicted to be far greater than that of the Coronavirus, and we do not know if it will be possible to reverse such damage.


Therefore, even in the midst of Coronavirus crisis, tackling the climate crisis is essential in order to build a more resilient and secure society.



Against this backdrop, JCLP is working to accelerate the zero carbon transition, and making the following proposals to the Japanese Government:


● Ensure lessons from the coronavirus crisis address the greater crisis of climate change


● Harness the “V-shaped recovery phase” as an opportunity to shift to a zero-carbon society

 - Mainstream new lifestyles and ways of business operation conducive to decarbonization  
 - Create a transmission and distribution network to enable a large-scale expansion and cost-reduction of renewable energy and incentives for corporate renewable sourcing
 - Timely introduction of carbon pricing


As a corporate network, JCLP is committed to doing everything possible to work together to build back better and is determined to further strengthen its own steps to decarbonization.



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