Statement of Support on Recommendations made by the Advisory Panel to the Foreign Minister on Climate Change


(English translation)

Tokyo – Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (Japan-CLP) supports the recommendations made by the Advisory Panel to the Foreign Minister on Climate Change in Japan, which were submitted on February 19th and April 19th 2018.

The aim of Japan-CLP is to work towards achieving the long-term goals set forth in the Paris Agreement, thereby enhancing the sustainability of the global environment. Our hope is to be a business coalition that will continue to grow and provide solutions as the world makes the transition to a net-zero carbon society.

We will continue to cooperate with businesses both in Japan and internationally and will contribute to relevant measures taken by the government, to proactively push forward with action on the path to a net-zero carbon society.


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Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (Japan-CLP) is a coalition of 64 leading Japanese companies committed to bold action on climate change. The coalition’s vision is to see Japan become a sustainable net zero carbon society. Japan-CLP was established in order to encourage the industrial community as a whole to take more urgent action. It uniquely focusses on urging for more ambitious and accelerated policies as a pillar of Japan’s efforts to address climate change.