Twenty RE100 companies in Japan release, “Proposal from Corporate Consumers Aiming to Sourcing 100% Power from Renewable Electricity”


Twenty RE100 companies in Japan release
“Proposal from Corporate Consumers Aiming to Sourcing 100% Power from Renewable Electricity”


Major corporates call on Japanese Government to draw on all policies and measures to
transform Japan’s power grid to one powered by 50% renewable electricity by 2030


Tokyo – Twenty major companies in Japan have called on the Japanese government to set a target of sourcing 50% of its electricity from renewables by 2030.


All are members of the global RE100 initiative, led by international non-profit The Climate Group, in partnership with CDP, which brings together some of the world’s most influential companies committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity in their global operations to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids, at global scale.


The requests include the following:
1. Fully evaluate the societal benefits of renewable electricity and formulate policies based on these benefits;
2. Japan’s power grid should be comprised of 50% renewable electricity by 2030;
3. Establish a system in which renewable electricity can be price-competitive with other energy sources.


The proposal states that through demand for renewable electricity from RE100 companies, local governments, businesses, educational and healthcare institutions and the public, Japan’s electricity grid can be transformed, not just bringing massive economic investments, but also playing a part in tackling the urgent threat of climate change.


Constant Alarcon, RE100 Campaign Manager, The Climate Group, said:
“These companies realise that in order to remain competitive in a globalised economy, they must embrace a low carbon future. We are excited by the leadership demonstrated by these companies in today’s call for an ambitious 2030 renewables targets and efficient market mechanisms to help companies reach their RE100 commitment. By working hand-in hand with the government, Japanese companies can drive greater demand for renewables and deliver the clean economy of tomorrow.”




Read the recommendation here.


For more information, Please see the proposal at, or contact Ayumi Goto at the Secretariat of Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership:




Led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, RE100 is a collaborative initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power. Renewables are a smart business decision, providing greater control over energy costs while helping companies to deliver on emission reduction goals. RE100 members, including Global Fortune 500 companies, have a total revenue of over US$4.5 trillion and operate in a diverse range of sectors – from information technology to automobile manufacturing. Together, they send a powerful signal to policymakers and investors to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. Please visit to find out more. #RE100


RE100 in Japan

Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP) is the regional delivery partner for RE100, on behalf of the Climate Group since April 2017 to support participation of Japanese companies. 19 Japanese companies have currently committed to the RE100 initiative (as of June 2019).



RE100 Members Group in Japan

A group of Japanese member companies of RE100 who, through dialogue with experts, policy makers and others, engage in activities such as collaboration between members and work on policy proposals. The participants include RE100 member companies, JCLP members, energy experts and academia. The group is organized by JCLP in cooperation with The Climate Group. Please visit (in Japanese)