Mr Tadamori Oshima, former House of Representatives speaker, joins JCLP as a special adviser



Mr Tadamori Oshima, former House of Representatives speaker,
joins JCLP as a special adviser



 Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (JCLP) is pleased to announce Mr Tadamori Oshima, former speaker of House of Representative of Japan, as a special advisor to JCLP.


 Mr Oshima has varied Cabinet-level experience including a post as Secretary of Environment, and is a strong advocate for climate action. He raised awareness on this major global issue during his 6 year-tenure as House of Representatives speaker from 2015, the year of the Paris Agreement, through numerous talks with his foreign counterparts.


 JCLP welcomes Mr Oshima as the special advisor at such a crucial time when the world is facing a critical decade as the turning point in climate change, and believes that his insights and perspectives will help JCLP further strengthen collaboration with the central and local governments, business associations, citizens, and others.


<Message from Mr Oshima>

 “I served as a lawmaker for 37 years and 10 months. My first job in the Cabinet was when I was appointed as Secretary of the Environment Agency under the Murayama administration in 1995. As head of the Agency, I was tasked with the issues of Minamata Disease and it was when I reflected on value of human life, contemplated the relationship between business, society and the environment, and came to realise that we destroy ourselves by destroying our natural world. I learnt that we should never cause irreversible environmental damage to our planet.


 The global environment, home to all life on earth, is facing a risk of climate change due to long-standing human activities.


 Companies spawned by capitalism are the lifeblood of society, and have become one of the most important entities that support socio-economic affluence. With this in mind, I think it is extremely important for them to be committed to climate action and fulfill their responsibility to present and future generations. I look forward to learning, raising voices, taking the initiative together with JCLP members to drive climate action.”


Special Advisor, Profile


Apr 1970-Jul 1974, The Mainichi Shinbun
Apr 1975-Jun 1980 , Elected to the Assembly of Aomori Prefecture (served 2 terms)
Dec 1983, Elected to the House of Representatives for the first time (36th General Election)
Feb 1990-Nov 1991, The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
Aug 1995-Jan 1996, Secretary of Environment (a Cabinet member)
Oct 1999-Jun 2000, Chair of Steering Committee, the House of Representatives
Jul 2000-Dec 2000, Minister of Education and Secretary of Science & Technology
Dec 2000-Sep 2002, Chair of LDP Diet Affairs Committee
Sep 2002-Mar 2003, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Dec 2005-Sep 2006, Chair of the Budget Committee, the House of Representatives
Aug 2007-Sep 2009, Chair of the LDP Diet Affairs Committee
Sep 2009-Sep 2010, LDP Secretary-General
Sep 2010-Sep 2012, LDP Vice-President
Jan 2013-Apr 2015, Chair of the Special Committee on Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Sep 2014-Apr 2015, Chair of the Budget Committee, the House of Representatives
Apr 2015-Oct 2021, Chair of the House of Representatives (76th, 77th)



The role of a special advisor

Special advisers provide advice and support to JCLP. They are selected from candidates who acknowledge JCLP’s vision, and have extensive knowledge and expertise in decarbonation-related areas (e.g. policy, science, economics). While “Executive advisors” are selected from business people with first-hand experience in JCLP, “Special advisors” are appointed from outside experts.


About JCLP:

Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (JCLP) is a coalition of businesses in Japan (207 companies as of February 2022) that aims to create a carbon neutral society, built on the idea that decarbonization is essential to economic development. The group’s total sales are 121 trillion JPY (US$1 trillion) and electricity demand together amounts to approx. 61 TWh (including overseas businesses). Since April 2017, JCLP has been the Climate Group’s Regional Delivery Partner on RE100, EP100 and EV100 initiatives in Japan. JCLP has been expanding its network with various key entities to collectively holt climate change by co-organising unique campaigns such as RE Action, an initiative to support local governments, small and medium businesses, and civil society to declare conversion to 100% renewable electricity.


Co-Chairs of JCLP: for more information (Japanese only)

Yoshinori Yamashita, President and CEO, Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Imai Masanori, Chairman and Representative Director, TODA CORPORATION
Kahori Miyake, Chief Sustainability Officer, AEON Co.,Ltd.


Executive Advisors of JCLP: for more information (Japanese only)

Masamitsu Sakurai, Former Chair of JCLP, Former Chairman of Ricoh Co., Ltd. and Former Chairman of Japan Association of Corporate Executives
Ken-ichi Ishida, Former Co-Chair of JCLP and Former Managing Officer of Sekisui House Ltd.


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